Author Topic: Jed Rant: It got a little boring.  (Read 1609 times)

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Jed Rant: It got a little boring.
« on: August 28, 2017, 05:06:58 am »
Dear Members and Lurkers:

I removed the Scammer thread... it got a little repetitious but it did help me filter down to some very serious students. I appreciate everyone's input. Sooo.... back to the old forum, same rules... post only about self, less than 200 words per and restrain from commenting on another's thread. Mind you own store and don't worry, others will be just fine.

BTW, big hug to Nessa, better than expected.

Now.. back to you and the realization of your True Nature and T/R.

Love and best wishes to all...

Jed. (hey, call me anything but late for dinner)
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