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omg! it's all so entertaining!!

there is no soul, yet we're all mates, corresponding pieces of the big not-a-puzzle.

before i fell into the former forum, a strangerfriend had mentioned the song cath by death cab for cutie. as the story unfolded the boundary between you, kathryn, and this strangerfriend became so blurred i could not absolutely say you were not one and the same. strangely enough, cath's story read so much like mine, but not anymore, now that i've let so much go.

story spins, i couldn't distinguish red from anyone else either, but now i see there never was a red, and i have to admit, i had my doubts all along. the photo of a dumpster with my name on it almost convinced me, but really, in hindsight, it was simply a bin with 'me' scrolled across it, nevermind the mirror in the foreground.

funny the poem you mention though. it reminded me of jed's excercise in holding a stone, the exercise bonegravy so eloquently illustrated. i tried the exercise once and forgot about the rock in my pocket. two years later i tried again with renewed determination and wound up breaking numerous trajectories, culminated in the act of taking the stone from under my tongue and hurling it out the driver-side window of my car. i heard it shatter as i motored on. i don't know what any of this sh!t is for, other than entertainment and letting go.

regression, maybe, is a bending of boundary? and what's really wrong with that? can we not learn (unlearn) from anything?