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Re: Old newbie on hamster wheel
« on: February 27, 2018, 11:12:20 am »
Ok Jed,

I'm going to decide to allow the belief "everything that is happening around me and in me is able to support my journey."  I know this is false (as is all beliefs) but I can dupe remnants of "me" into more relaxed states so these remnants 'appear' to be more "manageable."  I can function, as needed, as a split personality conniving ways to manipulate my counterparts. Thus I am using one ego layer to eliminate another.  Once I choose a belief I can find so much evidence to support it. Remarkable.  Yet I'm sitting here almost laughing at myself knowing it's all just a big game, while yet well aware that there is no journey and there is no game.

Conscious intent vs destiny -you say we can have intentions to become a no-self yet I just cant imagine the Truth of 'me' intending anything except to dream for the fun of it.

 :) Last_ember but just a flicker