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Re: Old newbie on hamster wheel
« on: March 10, 2018, 09:50:46 am »

I tried to find an answer...but no one answered when I knocked!

I'm sorting through a maya layer of "something vs nothing."  It's quite fascinating. (My new action plan: when something is confusing, be fascinated and grateful!).  Here I use another functioning ego-layer (logic) to deduce that perception of full/empty is the only criteria for a judgment about either one.
A full bank account ---> good
An empty cancer scan  ----> good
An empty tank of gas ----> bad
A full criminal record ----> bad

I'm getting ok with the idea of being nothing, which means releasing a lot of thoughts and beliefs about 'nothing.'  Also realizing now that if something sounds like a contradiction it probably is true.  Thanks!

Last-ember contently dwindling.