Author Topic: When Doors Seem Hidden  (Read 116 times)


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When Doors Seem Hidden
« on: January 09, 2015, 06:29:31 am »
Hi Jed,

First of all, thanks for your work.  Second, I could use some direction.  Spiritual Autolysis works for me in a stop-and-go fashion.  I have also used Byron Katie's method to profitable effect as per your suggestion.  But I am finding that when I go through one door, the next one is increasingly difficult to find...I don't know what question to ask or what aspect to dip in the acid bath now.  For example, I have worked hard at finding anything true beyond the cogito.  I have found nothing.  I can see that all my reactions, my false self, opinions, identities, etcetera have no truth in them whatsoever.  I have opened many doors to get to that realization, but now I find my self standing in a spheroid room with no apparent egress.  I know the next door is there, but somehow the appropriate question or examination eludes me.  It's like all the right ingredients are sitting there together in the bowl, but they are still the loosely associated parts rather than the greater whole.  You have told me before to get out of my head and I've been working on that for several months now, but I feel stuck.  Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.   


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