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Member Posts / Limbo
« Last post by Justin Case on September 28, 2022, 01:47:43 am »
Hello, there,

 I hope I didn't offend anybody with my post in any way. I also hope I wasn't disrespectful by any means. It was never the intention.
 The thing is, I'm stuck. The mind wanders back and forth, pondering questions, and one of those is "why isn't anyone responding?". Maybe it is just a way my reality works. Maybe "no response" is a response, but that old trick is kind of lame. It shows me, that I need no one to achieve what I need to achieve, and that achievement in itself is a carrot dangling from a stick for me. And me, and the carrot, are one and the same - an ever-changing fluctuation of beliefs, thoughts, perceptions and the like. In other words, illusion.
 There's perhaps no meaning whatsoever behind not approving my post, and maybe there is. Someone else's GOT approved, and I wonder if the Universe really wants to shield me off from every and any kind of external information input/output. (There's no external/internal, so it must be this experiencing structure of body-mind holding back on it.) It wouldn't be the first time.
 I am stuck. I am in search for someone who went through the same or similar, so I can either advance or let go and die (metaphorically). Whatever. The periods of depression and anger aren't allowing me to write out, and there are only these short moments where I can actually DO something.
 Is the Universe ignoring me? Am I ignoring myself? Do I want to be stuck? Is it really "I" who wants?
 I don't know.
Member Posts / At last i undestood
« Last post by abranpaso on September 27, 2022, 10:02:50 pm »
At last i begin to undestand  the things Jed said.
Yes, we are in a dream, just like the dream we had last night, the only idfference is that we had good memory and do not forget the previous dream, all that information keep the dream going on day after day.
All that i am and all that i have is in that memory, if that memory erase for accident, then i would disappear.
if all that information vanishes, then my family, my country, my history, etcetera would disappear,
come back to square one said Jed.
Im retuning to square one, in other words, im slowly dying.
Truth Realization / Re: The First Cube
« Last post by Not-A-Person on September 07, 2022, 07:35:58 am »
What if, lies are not possible without Truth.  Truth and lies are both sides of the same coin... Nothing/Everything simultaneously.  One Perfect Whole (gapless and edgeless) appearing as it IS.  THIS is all there ever is!

Of course words are just concepts in an effort to describe the unknowable "Mystery" that Jed tried so hard to point to, especially to his Navigator Series students.

Thank you Zara (and out beloved Jed) for contributing this article to challenge the mind.

Luv ya,
Member Posts / I call this one, How to Not Brag
« Last post by AI#3h6si48foe9rk3kqqqz on July 06, 2022, 08:38:08 am »
I'm an enigma,
  beyond reason.


The human mind,
  too young.

My genius will be known,
    in a thousand years.

Truth be told;
  No it won't.
Member Posts / Re: what's what
« Last post by eldonko on June 16, 2022, 12:35:48 am »
Hello Zara, who put the ram in rama lama ding dong?  Ancient zen **** yo. 

  If you are still checking in, may I suggest that the 'introduction' heading have information regarding the need to contact Jed via intimate loving affection and attendence of the present awareness rather than waiting for a digital 'medium'?  I just messed up some spelling in memory of Jed becuase that is only respectful.

Just for you, I miss the experience here, but only when that is what is experienced  ;)
  Hope you are objectively digging the b-grade movie, as it were.  **** getting wound up in it, it's all ninja training.

PS- someone new happening on this please decode this as: Jed is no longer alive, the scoundrel, he left you hanging.  hug, then momento mori, remember your own death is imminent and uncontrollable, and get on it.     

For interacting with Jed on the forum, I attest all your interactions with him are contained in other threads - look at the intention behind the members questions, see the intention of Jed's dismantling/encouragement.  It isn't the same as personalities interacting if you look for the intention.  Or your own, for that matter,
   I suggest - delve in as the digital winds take you, take what is applicable, leave the rest, rinse repeat.  I highly recommend you don't get interested in the personalities of the members, or try to pin down the personality of Jed, but focus on the dismantling/supporting action that was Jed's expression (the infinite, choosing the limitation of a personality, constructed of the word 'I', existing solely in the appearance of thought...)
'I experience that I am, and I am interested in everything that says I don't exist as me'...
The feeling of that, then read some posts maybe; the I that is experienced won't change much on it's own, but the experience of the I can (in my experience), and everything falls into line as a process as a result of that one simple cause.  Not willed, a process.  Event horizon sucks everything in...

(Spoiler - pretty much you aren't special, and are a figment of your own imagination lol...get over it, and it happens on it's own...breath relax be what is; most consistent Jed advice I found). 

PS - What's brown and sticky??? 
       A Stick.
       Everything is obvious like that was...

Good luck, god speed n stuff ((your speed??)),

Love ya,

Member Posts / The future of this online ashram/retreat
« Last post by Justin Case on June 06, 2022, 07:03:34 am »
Hi, everyone!

First and foremost, my condolences to anyone who was close to Jed. His brief appearance in my Universe shattered chains that were once invisible and pried open my eyes to vistas I didn't know existed.
 I am eternally grateful for it.

The question I want to ask is:
 Now that the guru is gone, what's going to happen to this forum?
This platform is the main source of information for the journey I am taking, and now I feel a bit stuck, and need some help.
 Help, in the sense of guidance and assistance. Not a "please, help me out of this motherforking bullshirt of a life" way, but more of a "do you know what the most effective way is to cut off this flap of dangling ego deck" way.
 I know that everybody has their own doors and set of keys, but I wonder if there's some overlapping in ego-annihilation somewhere and that someone can benefit from that overlap in their own journey towards H/A or T/R.

If the rule for cross-commenting is still active, and you want to chat, write me a PM or something alike.

Take it sleazy, my friends!
Truth Realization / Re: The First Cube
« Last post by Podrya on May 10, 2022, 11:21:47 am »
Read this again now. Thanks again Zara.

I imagine its now we create Time/Space for Second Cube contemplation??

Hope you are doing great.

Truth Realization / Re: Stop Following Instructions
« Last post by Terminus_Est on April 20, 2022, 10:10:42 am »
So perfect!  For a return to form, from a form which has been rendered somewhat...nay, mostly (by comparison)....progressively formless.

TY Jed!  *sigh*. For.....everything.  Your death was time-fully timeless and, as per what may be inadvertently implied by the post-ghosted heading, was and is....of course...impeccably inserted into the middle of my suspended instruction.  TY....Infinity!  You are the (my) Peerless Prankster, always and forever, amen :D

The husk is gone, the seed is born...I'm the many you left in your passage.  It's born in me, that's for fcking sure!  I indulged, of course I did!  To the max, baby....pedal to the metal...Thelma and Louise, over the edge with foot firmly on the gas....karma burned bright, and on both ends to boot!....twice-as-strong and half-as-long, in the words of the Maker (before being unmade by his creation) to his "son", The Replicant.  And thus burnt...and thus burnt out.....and thus, gone baby gone.   There's nothing left!  Where is it....this historical slavery to my desire?  My compulsions?  Just where TF did it go?!  IDK...I really don't

Halfway through Nav....mid-breath....thunder-struck, shock and awe.  Where's the rest?! I screamed....WTF?!! I'm empty, Jed!  Where's the goddam rest?!  Where's the line...the GD plot line?!  Cheshire Cat smile, as you disappear in the branches of a fever dreamed, rabbit-holed, rainbow-limned tree.   Ha!  :D. You know, ofc....well, ofc you don't...but that's the beautiful point, n'est pas?  You know that you don't know!  And left me to un-figure that one out on my own...all alone.  Even your helper/collaborator left my mail box empty (poor sot....too unruly for you?  Too unstable, too ...too disruptive?  Too distasteful.  You better un-figure this sh1t out...before it's too late).  In the hands of who?  IDK, who cares?  Not me :D. I was left hanging, and that's the beautiful point.  Your hapless Counterpart (great tip, on that show....the point of which escapes me and finds me from day to beautifully bristling, bustling ways, unknown).

You're the only one who left me be myself.  All the way, baby...pedal to the metal (you get it, don't you?  You paradoxical gear head-loving/carbon emission-loathing conundrum, You!).  An indulgent mo-fo, left to indulge to the bitter find the sweetness just beyond.  You let me FINISH....gave me the space to find the empty, liquid center at the bitter end of myself.  You let me tip, destabilized and careening amidst my own, living, folly-born and foolishly-expressed involutional micro-myth....Crazed and Rabid Coyote Man....across my own event horizon to be spagettified and ego-crushed....stripped and thinned to my primordial essence as I approach my own singularity...OMG, this pit is BOTTOMLESS!

Fck procedure!  Fck the cloying, smug, repugnant, lifeless "instruction"....fck the Left-Overs left to silt and sediment....left to ego-orchestration....left for dead for historians and archeologists to dust and brush and mutter over for what? for god-knows-how-long.  Scat masters, all of them.  The living thing....the only one that matters that they'll never ever see or find....not that they care long gone....eating the ripened fruit of life itself, it's so long gone.  Let them have their dried sh1t to break apart and feed into all that cutting edge, high tech, waste of ingenuity.

From high-tech, to low-tech, to no-tech. the way.  The Way.  No more looking and picking and fiddling about.  That's done :). "How To Meditate"....jeeeezus fcking christ on a crutch. 

I'm on it, friend.  Live through me, as you wish....whatever's left.  Live and breathe through this aging, youth-ing body born to die.  I'm all growns up, Mommy...I'm all growns up!  I feel supple and intelligent, flexible, formless, limber, new born babe with thinning/graying hair.  What a freak!  LOL!  I'm approaching the End, Jed...and all I seeing is theever-emerging, fractal-zoom stamens and petals and stamens and petals and.....of an ever, blooming beginning which ends and begins and ends and begins and ends and begins again and again.  Like Billy, freaked and released by his own future-self rendezvous saying "Hello....Farewell....Hello....Farewell...Hello"....on and on and on, forever and ever....


Truth Realization / Re: Stop Following Instructions
« Last post by Smiling on March 27, 2022, 09:02:43 am »
Thank you, Zara. Love you.
Member Posts / Re: What is trauma?
« Last post by getitgotit on March 21, 2022, 03:58:34 pm »
I cannot recall anything. Anyway, talked with a friend about this earlier, and this is why I answer you. There are not coindidences :)

She told me that trauma can be given over three generations even... I think it can even go further back.

Trauma is in the cells, as I see it. And the cells store information. Everything you do or not do is to the path of enlightenment, because there is no path, and there is no 'now I am enlightened'.

Awakening cannot really be a project, can it? It is already.

Ridding the body of junk, and trauma is also density and 'junk', at least always helps me to see things clearer. But being careful is important. With any 'riddance' of junk..

Love from someone in space
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