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You wishing you would go away... only reinforcing more you...

Love ya, Jed.
General Discussion / Re: Personal will and desire
« Last post by Jed McKenna on Today at 01:12:52 pm »
Post or not, who cares. Why don't you just be an observer... which is all you really are anyways.

Love ya, Jed.
General Discussion / Re: Book translation
« Last post by Jed McKenna on Today at 01:00:21 pm »
Contact WFP

Love ya, Jed.
General Discussion / Re: reflection
« Last post by Jed McKenna on Today at 12:59:43 pm »
Reflect away....

Love ya, Jed.
Jed Rants / Re: Jed rant, letting go, stimulated by Gromer
« Last post by Jed McKenna on Today at 12:58:23 pm »
You have my attention.. for now...

Love ya, Jed
It isnít that thereís nothing I can do. Itís that there is no me who could do anything anyway. Further implys that there is somewhere to go. There is just this but the me canít get that because itís contracted, it doesnít exist and there is no free will because there is no actual will anyway. Rargh I just wish the me would drop off already.
General Discussion / Re: Enough of drama
« Last post by getitgotit on Today at 08:31:36 am »
Maybe ! Jed, how do I go to H/A without T/R, i know no one knows but this mind and body  NEED H/A before T/R or sth to calm the heart and nerves ! Tips ?
General Discussion / reflection
« Last post by um on Today at 06:11:27 am »
For the latest let's say 20 years I've been mostly lost and suffering. For maybe five years in between I had a connection with the space within that Knew in indescribable ways. Last years utter nonsense and surviving in panic mode following whatever instructions to get along here.

Now the last three weeks been in a paradise with nothing to do. So much pain coming up. More than a million painful stories contained in the system. Nowhere to runaway from them.

There is reluctance in the mind but same time strong desire to see through. To really sort it and end this nightmare of never ending drama.

Hardest thing ever to be, do nothing and see what's going on up there.

Writing here again to reflect. To learn.
General Discussion / Re: 2000 light years from home
« Last post by ThereIsOnlyOne on Today at 06:04:57 am »
Post It Note #71

As thoughts and feelings appear and disappear, there is a sense that I remain unaffected by it all.

Can anything really affect what I am?

Let me see ...

Understanding this seems to affect acceptance of whatever arises and subsides.

I observe it as it happens, feeling sensations as they arise in different locations knowing the sensations are not what I am.

General Discussion / Re: Personal will and desire
« Last post by no one on Today at 04:47:24 am »
Agreed, Jed, more awareness is good; it's like medicine: good for ya, but doesn't always taste very good going down.

It often feels like I have much to say until I come to the forum. As I begin typing, or as I contemplate how I can put into a few words that make sense of the torrent of thoughts and feelings experienced...often there's a strong sense that it's pointless--meaning nothing I have to say really means anything in the 'big picture,' or what is said is not intelligent/helpful. And/or even with the anonymity here, feelings of shame and fear arise, or I get my own answer. But I type anyway.

I seem to be achieving my goal of being forced to notice and feel, and deal with who I think I am every single time I post something, or even think about it, and every single time I receive a response, or not receive a response. And, within this forum that is almost always intensely frightening.

I do not like this process..........Sam I AM. I do not like it here or there. I do not like it anywhere. I do not like this process Jed I AM. Now where did the thought of Green Eggs and Ham come from? Same 'place' all the other thoughts come from.

There are times, though, when neutral feelings are present, or deep feelings of gratitude arise to have been given the Grace to really Begin to Feel Truth. That's just the greatest gift. But it has a hefty price tag. I would like to get to the point when I can say, "Say, I do like this process, Jed I AM!" At this point, however, all I can say is, "Thank you, Jed I AM, for pointing the way back 'inward.' Thank you!"

So here's this point again: post or delete? Who decides? Is deciding actually even happening in this moment? Already written?

.....minutes pass it it is. Looks like fear does not win today. I'm still not sure who or what 'decided' that, or if (the illusion of) decision making occurred in this moment. From what I can gather, there's something here that's tired of playing this game, tired of dreaming, wants to wake up and grow up. So here's this willingness to take the medicine/pay the price of looking at and feeling fear based crap. And, really, the deep sense is that the only thing I really give up is ignorance....fear.
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