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Forget that stupid question... I ll try to do that "consciously create story" thingy you talk about... Dont know If possible and its BS until I see it by myself, but why not try?
Went through all that, awesome...

Now... What do I do with my life?
Where used to be a brain and organs, now theres only blackness, which is kinda amazing

Blood pressure: abnormaly high
Heart rate: 80-90 beats/second
Why I dont have sex...

Theres just no need for It. If a beautitul woman arises, then I just use my direct seeing on her; this way I can have sex just by looking at someone. Its the ego that wants physical contact

Why I dont bother with having a job...

The need for "progress" is gone. Also, no need for showing off money, possesions, having power over orhers, or attracting the opposite sex

Why I dont bother with health

"Health" is only useful while the mind is creating a biological body... With mind erradication, diseases just wont arise. I dont do any physical yoga, and what I love the most is junk food. I barely even brush my teeth or take baths, thought I'm starting to think It would be better If I did
The pleasure the outlaw feels after rampaging through a village does not come even close to mines

Neither does the pleasure the yogi feels when in god union, or the buddhist monk while dabbling with jhanas

Much less the pleasure the intelectual feels when grasping a new concept, or the pleasure the worldly person feels after achieving a goal

That is my state
What didnt work:

Chanting mantras
Meditation(only helped a bit)
Asking god(****) for Help
Cursing god
Trying to commit suicide
General Discussion / Re: Depression
« Last post by breakup on Today at 04:22:49 am »
The lights are on so to speak and all of the content in the light is maya. Is the light maya? Just the "fact" that this is. I don't think anything is missing in a deep sleep but there's certainly nothing there to say "I am in a deep sleep" nope! not a trace. There's no way to destroy a self that can't be found. If I'm being aware that any perception is going on there's no "i am" about it, it is flexing the "this is" thing. Awareness and awareness of awareness is a joke. Blind here please help shine that dang light
Now that time has collapsed, this forum looks SUPER DEAD

I'm going to make a guru Award list

Most mysterious: Jesus

Loveliest: Fritz

Funniest: Nan

Wisest: Ramana

Greatest: Nis

Craziest: Me

Cutest: Old UG

The one I love the most: Jed
Yup, sometimes it's better to just keep the old trap shut.

Love ya, Jed.
General Discussion / Re: When you say T/R is a kind of cellular knowing...
« Last post by Escapist on December 12, 2018, 11:36:28 pm »
Tested my direct seeing in some people ... Michel Temer, Bolsonaro, Lula, Trump, Barack Obama, Osama Bin Laden... Its very nice to know whos who

Was going to say something about certain event that happened in the dawn of the 00s... But I think It would be wiser to just shut up
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