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General Discussion / Re: mariam
« Last post by iammar on Today at 09:48:12 pm »
so i've arrived at a place of knowing (with lots of questioning for good measure) who I am and what I need to reasonably navigate a human relationship, but how to deal with others, that's the question.
I'm trusting that others will be just what they are, the unspeakable, unknowable, mystifying and alluring human presence that they are, but jesus **** christ Jed, how do you navigate a relationship when you know, deep down know, it's a sham?
General Discussion / Re: I need a knife
« Last post by Kendred on Today at 04:12:32 pm »
I've had hard time coming to an understanding of the terms you use in my own experience. I would describe things in terms of conceptual emotional "reality" constructed withg stories as the dream state. I would consider unadorned perception/perceiving as truth or the closest thing to actual reality. So if we are on the same page. HA is realizing the stories and emotional bonding conceptions as just that but still allowing yourself to go on with. TR would be disengaging completely from stories and the energetic input that they require. Are we talking about the same stuff?
General Discussion / Re: What is this?
« Last post by Mr Redshot on Today at 12:26:24 pm »
Hey, Jed.  I believe I woke up.  But I keep falling asleep in my life.  So how do you stay awake?  And is that possible?  Are you awake all the time?
Well, I have no idea about how this creation started...But I would like to share the point of view of some sages:

Nisargadatta, in his earlier years, used to say that this manifest universe was god's lila, meant for entertainment only... In his latter years, though, he changed his opinion on the matter and said that Ishwara(god) would never create a cruel world like this, and that the universe was just the result of the interaction between the four elements.

Buddha said that there's no creator of this universe, that it happens spontaneously. But god, being himself deluded, believes himself to be the almight creator, because he has no memory of what he was before being born as god, and thus thinks himself to be an all powerful and uncaused entity. Buddha then proceeds to explain that he himself was god in one of his previous lifes, and that before being born as god, he lived on a plane even higher than that of god(deva of infinite light). Buddha explains that after a deva of infinite light falls down from his plane of existence into the plane of god, this newborn god finds himself lonely and then wishes for the existence of new souls.
General Discussion / Re: Mind contraction
« Last post by goldenhornbuck on Today at 03:11:15 am »
The thoughts created ego does not exist. There are just thoughts desires emotions come and go but no one is experiencing them.
Got it and thank you for sharing. If you have a better explanation or have experienced something profound that might explain things, please share. And, I don't say that sarcastically. I am always searching for better explanations.

Just a word of warning. Once you begin to explain such matters you inevitably slip into stories, metaphors and ''Well... it's a little like this'' stuff, or sometimes, ''It's not at all like this''.

All words are b.s. because they are removed from and only talk ''about'' some event. They are NOT that event. Slippage occurs and sometimes much slippage occurs. Just the way it goes.

Love ya, Jed
General Discussion / Re: problem with my first S/A
« Last post by Jed McKenna on Today at 12:59:27 am »
Hi Moh:

Welcome to the forum and thank you for your post.

S/A worked for me, but that does not mean that it's optimal for everyone. So, you start with I am Mohammad. Right at the beginning you have that tricky little word ''I''. So, is it true that there is an ''I'' where you appear to be? Key word, ''appear''. And here is where I recommend turning to the methodology of Nisagardatta. His teacher told him to just contemplate the concept, feeling, thought, that he was, expressed as ''I am''. He contemplated that at every spare moment for almost three years. You cannot undo your lifetime of learning in a day or two. The influence of teaching, government, religion, friends and the like goes way too deep for an instant cure.

I suggest you stick with that starting point. You can use ''I am'' or just ''I''. Contemplate who or what this ''I'' is. And be patient... be very patient.

Write me any time.

Love ya, Jed.
General Discussion / problem with my first S/A
« Last post by Tseeker on July 14, 2018, 06:30:38 pm »
hello dear Jed, I wrote my first S/A sentence as "I am Mohammad" and started to work on it, but very soon the first problem showed up.
my S/A:
I is a pronoun which refers to me as a speaker who has a body.
I can not go any further.  :(
I see myself as something that has a shape and is separated from other things, so I do exist! how can I think otherwise?
I can think of myself as being a consciousness, but that consciousness is confined or attached to a body, so I have a form which I can not easily deny.

is my S/A wrong? please help me  :'(
thanks in advance
General Discussion / Re: When you say T/R is a kind of cellular knowing...
« Last post by Escapist on July 14, 2018, 03:37:30 pm »
In your books you say that consciousness created the manifest universe because of boredom... but how could a disembodied and uncorrupted consciousness fall into the unwholesome state of boredom? Buddhist monks manage to control and become free of boredom thourgh bodily discipline... So how could a perfect, joyful, infinite and omnipotent consciousness ever get bored?

Sorry but that dreamstate book is a big load of bull, sincerely
General Discussion / Re: Kill List
« Last post by Jed McKenna on July 14, 2018, 09:29:27 am »
My pleasure....  :P :P :P ::) ::)
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