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The idols of our society are people like Cristiano Ronaldo and Ariana Grande; that's what our youth aspires to become like;

We are born to rot in an office 40h/week for most part of our lives - indeed, the BEST years of our lives; and that's if you are lucky to not be a starving homeless;

Our worth in this society is measured by how much we have, PERIOD;

Annd we can barely trust anyone, really...

To see all of this as a wondorous, mystical experience is just beyond the imaginative capabilities of my mind.

I also think money is trivial, but the magic of this world has been dead since long(if it even did exist); money is all that's left on this dry, dead, wasteland.
General Discussion / Re: Not thinking
« Last post by Jed McKenna on Today at 06:03:11 am »
My pleasure...

Love ya, Jed.
General Discussion / Re: Not thinking
« Last post by notarobot on Today at 02:29:48 am »
I can't argue with any of that, leaving the actual negation the only thing to be done. I'll message you about the "little training".

Thanks for the 'tech support' so far.
I would say it's quite possible, but not for you.

Never done it myself and am not the least bit interested in it. I have created a mystical, magical, wondrous universe. Triviality don't grab my attention.

Love ya, Jed.
General Discussion / Re: subject
« Last post by Jed McKenna on Today at 02:01:22 am »
Enjoy the tuna...

Love ya, Jed.
Jed Rants / Re: Jed Rant: Music
« Last post by Jed McKenna on December 12, 2017, 11:43:28 pm »
Dear Members and D:

In response to your request please have a listen... yes, I know it's corny country and I am revealing my hippie past but maybe it's time to stop resisting the love that you are. Resistance is futile and a waste of your energy. Let your love flow...

Best wishes to you all....
General Discussion / Re: Not thinking
« Last post by Jed McKenna on December 12, 2017, 10:12:17 pm »
You might be interested in the Navigator Series for some deeper work. Jung had just a few too many theories. However, I will propose one more. Yes, if you want to get rid of you stress and grief then memories are a good place to look, however, in a sense the important thing is not the memories at all. You can have truly awful memories and they have not effect on you. Memories are not the problem. It's a little sticky thing called importances that cause memories to be a challenge.

An example might be in order. About six months ago I was in Phnom Penh with my closest friend. He was sitting across from me in a bar and had a massive heart attack and was gone in an instant. I dealt with many things that evening, police reports, hospital, local temple and customs, etc. It is a wonderful memory and was a blessed experience. I dealt with all importances the instant they arose. I would guess that this sounds pretty strange to some folks but being an adult and T/R there is just nothing that ''sticks'' and causes grief. There are also those students out their who ''get'' and know how to release importances. It takes a little training. Also, when one is practiced in it the PTSD is a thing of the past and no longer significant.

Love ya, Jed
General Discussion / Re: subject
« Last post by DragonTree on December 12, 2017, 04:23:31 pm »
I browsed through a number of computer files wondering what me has to do with it. There's a lot of junk on this machine, I went and deleted a bunch of files I had haphazardly collected. I was going through pictures and videos wondering is this me? Everything on it is highly suspect now. I began to wonder the same things about all the simple choices in my life, is this me? From the clothes you put on in the morning (if any), the decision whether to clean a mess you see, the food you eat. I mixed up some tuna wondering what about it got the okay to be put in my mouth and become me and the tuna started to look less like food and more like play-doh. Looking around the house at all the stuff that is "mine" just makes me feel like its got me by the balls.

The thing with the computer might get adapted into a working analogy, we shall see.
General Discussion / Re: Not thinking
« Last post by notarobot on December 12, 2017, 01:13:07 pm »
Thanks for your thoughts. Indeed Truth has not been Realized on this end. There is fear, for opinion and to be hurt physically. I 'work' on it now by exposing myself gradually to it, but after reading your first three books I'm not sure anymore if this is the way forward. I also gave up the illusion of understanding how anything works. (I used to buy into the Jungian explanation that we repress stuff we can't confront and that this shapes the world in front of us over and over to live through the emotion at some point.)

I tried to grasp "I am" but run out of things quickly as I'm convinced that it's illogical to assume there is a René - any delineation would just be arbitrary.

Could you elaborate on the intelligent/effective work to get rid of fear/past hurts?

General Discussion / Re: When you say T/R is a kind of cellular knowing...
« Last post by Escapist on December 12, 2017, 12:28:37 pm »
If you think this post is too long, then please just read part 2.

Part 1:

I'm still doing autolysis. What has changed:

- Yesterday I felt like I lost the hability of "loving" things(you know, that good feeling that happens in your chest); today I woke up with it again.

- Yesterday I went for a long time without sleeping.

- I have the memory of feeling something akin to "ethernal" or "divine" when waking up; the memory of it is very weak though. I also feel disgusted about the fact that I felt "holyness" because I hate such thing - It's just a mental feeling created by this simian body when it is in front of something greater.

- Synchonocities.

- I still hate people/society. The hate and apathy has just increased: before, when someone told me they were sick or told me an sad story, I would desire good things for them mentally; now, I don't care. Yesterday someone that I'm supposed to care about became sick and went to the hospital; I was honest with myself and thought it wouldn't matter if he/she also died; I didn't care.


Part 2:

So, anyways, Nisargadatta said when asked "Q: If time and space are mere illusions and you are beyond, please tell me what is the weather in New York. Is it hot or raining there?" :

"N: How can I tell you? Such things need special training. Or, just travelling to New York. I may be quite certain that I am beyond time and space, and yet unable to locate myself at will at some point of time and space. I am not interested enough; I see no purpose in undergoing a special Yogic training. I have just heard of New York. To me it is a word. Why should I know more than the word conveys? Every atom may be a universe, as complex as ours. Must I know them all? I can -- if I train"

I am not interested in reaching H/A so that I can somehow become more attractive to people due to reduced ego or whatever. I am not interested, at least now, In receiving love from other monkeys; I don't want to become Wayne Dyer 2.0. Since the start I've been on this for "hedonistic" gains; I want to have as much money as I want without doing anything, because I hate other humans and I am allergic to anything that envolves group working, licking balls of people higher in the working hierarchy, developing a network of conections, etc. I also am not altruistic. Not being able to do those things, It's pretty hard for me to succeed in life in the "normal way".

I have been reading about those Indian guys that were able to materialize gold and diamonds out of thin air... According to your experiences, are such superpowers possible(considering the right amount of training)?
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