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General Discussion / Would you meet visitor ?
« Last post by Chun-Lan Sheng on July 19, 2018, 04:42:40 pm »
HI Jed

If someone, who is not Jed Mckenna worshipper, just want to meet a guy who has been enlightenment once in his lifetime for experiencing the peace comes from him. Will you grant the meets for him / her ?
General Discussion / Re: Karma
« Last post by Jed McKenna on July 19, 2018, 01:20:48 am »
T/R doesn't mean you become a complete ninny.

I would do everything I could to protect my mother and would have nothing at all to do with my father for the next...mmm... fifty years. Time for you to man up... but hey, that's just my opinion and opinions are just another part of the dream. Please ignore me and make you own decisions.

Love ya, Jed.

General Discussion / Re: problem with my first S/A
« Last post by Jed McKenna on July 19, 2018, 01:11:19 am »
Ignore that and continue contemplating I am.

General Discussion / Re: problem with my first S/A
« Last post by Tseeker on July 18, 2018, 11:15:20 pm »
I try to contemplate the feeling of "I am" at every spare moment I get. last night while doing this I had a short realization, an idea sprang into my mind and disapeard quickly. I had the idea that my body is an image between images. everything is connected like different parts of a painting on a paper (house, tree, river). are they separated though they are identifiable? but I don't have that feeling of connectedness anymore. that was short.
General Discussion / Re: Karma
« Last post by KenBrace on July 18, 2018, 01:33:01 pm »
Hey, I wondered if you had any thoughts on the interesting situation that I'm currently in. During my mother and father's break up, my dad shot my mother in the leg and is now in jail. Today he was granted bond and will be released soon. My mother is quite frightened and is looking to change locations and wants all of us to block him on social media, have no contact, etc. It is in situations like this where it seems almost impossible to live on both the human level and void level at once. On one hand, I know I'm everything. I'm my mother that was shot but also the dad that shot her. This contradiction is quite difficult to balance. On one level I feel like my dad is a terrible person that needs to be fought against and I am inclined to take my mother's side. But when thinking in terms of the void, I'm not sure it's a good thing to feed into a drama where my dad is a bad person that my mom has to run from. So she's really paranoid and wants me to cooperate. I do love her and would like to do whatever it takes to reduce suffering but I'm not sure if that involves coming from a detached place or an involved one. Do I buy into her drama and support it or do I try to help her redefine reality? That's sort of what my mind keeps going back and forth on. I'm not really sure what is best for her and everyone else. I try to just feel it out and that seems to be working pretty well for the most part. Just sort of felt like typing this out since it's been on my mind all day and also wondered if you had any thoughts that might be beneficial.
General Discussion / Re: problem with my first S/A
« Last post by Jed McKenna on July 18, 2018, 06:03:06 am »
'll expand a little more on that suggestion. 

If I asked you if you ''are'' what would you say? (I assume something like, ''Oh course you silly person, obviously I am''.

Next question, ''How do you know you are?''. (answer: ''I just know, have this feeling that I am'')

Great, we are doing just fine so far.

Now, my instructions are for you to gently contemplate that feeling that you ''are'', that you exist. Do it without analysis or expectations, (that's important) just be with that feeling in a daily contemplation. Start out for only ten or fifteen minutes at a time. Sit back, relax and just feel the sense of you are. Remember, NO analysis, reasoning, mental garbage, etc. Just be with that feeling.

Talk later.

Love ya, Jed.
General Discussion / Re: problem with my first S/A
« Last post by Tseeker on July 18, 2018, 05:08:59 am »
hello Jed
thanks a lot for your warm welcome.

so, is it true that there is an ''I'' where you appear to be? Key word, ''appear''

you mean that my physical form and my appearance has nothing to do with concept "I"? that it is possible to have a physical form but not an "I" to correspond it?

as you suggested I narrowed down the statement to only "I", it still seems to be a broad area, I attempt to contemplate my feelings and thoughts about concept "I"

Jed Rants / Re: Jed Rant: Music
« Last post by abranpaso on July 16, 2018, 12:45:33 pm »
Mr. McKenna, you said before That heavy metal and enlightenment  cannot mix, but the impossible has happened.

Song: Spiritual enlightenment
Singer: Sacrificed Alliance

They undoubtedly have read your books, I said this because the name of the song and the lyrics are about reality and illusion, and in the video the protagonist is writing in a notebook something that seems to me be like the "spiritual autolysis".

Spectral wounds all over my body
Hopeless, I feel so hopeless
In this void, this nothingness.   
This is such a spellbinding reality

Constellations covering the vacuity
Over the ethereal obsidian sea
Can the cosmos be the...
Key to an ecstatic psyche?

Feeling the soothing stellar winds
Upon this atmospheric scenery
Causes my volatile existence to grin
Knowledgeability was totally illusory
General Discussion / Re: Depression
« Last post by breakup on July 16, 2018, 06:45:39 am »
I took your advice and stopped seeking entirely. Just relax and human as you say. I figured out how to tune my radio so to speak, or rather that I've always been able to and couldn't stand to listen to any radio station other than fear 101. If you don't understand what I mean that's okay, I am having an absurdly good time now  8)
General Discussion / Re: What is this?
« Last post by Jed McKenna on July 16, 2018, 03:04:19 am »
What comes and goes is not the real thing. You are always T/R because T/R doesn't come and go, it just is. You realization of it, if genuine is not a come and go thing. It's always there.

Stick with it.

Love ya, Jed.
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