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General Discussion / Re: Why is life unfair?
« Last post by Jed McKenna on Today at 06:50:15 am »
That's one way of looking at it, but not the only way.

What other point's of view could you take?

Love ya, Jed.
General Discussion / Re: Who am I ?
« Last post by Jed McKenna on Today at 06:48:30 am »
No one. But reading does appear to happen... just a dream.

Love ya, Jed.
General Discussion / Re: Blah blah
« Last post by Jed McKenna on Today at 06:36:42 am »
The God's aren't crazy, they just have a great sense of humor and we are the punch line. Sounds to me like you are a little... hm.... frantic. I suggest you just relax and breathe properly. It's all entertainment and nothing more. Don't take anything seriously and enjoy the ride.

Love ya, Jed
General Discussion / Re: Why do I really have that urge to post here?
« Last post by Milky on Today at 04:40:54 am »
That kept me busy during SA for a few hours.
To be honest, it is very difficult to imagine. For example I thought about all the despots and other bad people in the world and then somehow realized, that it really doesn't matter what I think of them. They will do it all, no matter what I think of them. And the same with all other persons. They just do their stuff, no matter what I think of them. Or what I say to them...
I can see, how realizing that can make very free, but it is really difficult not only to see that this is right, but also to accept that and bring that to my own life, thinking and acting.

General Discussion / Re: When it feels real but you know it isn't.
« Last post by Sandraanne on Today at 02:11:56 am »
Of course, that never actually happened because nothing is actually happening, ever.  And that's the joke of it.
General Discussion / Re: What is reality?
« Last post by Mr. Nobody on Today at 12:46:30 am »
I want to know how to stop my dream character from trying to live up to illusory mental standards that don't even exist. (does that make sense?)
General Discussion / Re: Doubts; Intelligence
« Last post by Escapist on Today at 12:15:30 am »
Had a final fight with my family; I consider this a blessing, now I am not bound by them anymore. Now I can go my entire life without talking to them without feeling the slightest guilty.

Now I'm going to quit my job and take a bus to a city that is about 500kms away from where I live now so that I won't risk becoming "friend" with my family again and end up going back to living with them because it's more confortable.

I already left my house in the middle of the night, taking with me only what's necessary, without anyone seeing. Now I'm in the center of the city, using free internet from a store just waiting for the sun to rise.
General Discussion / Re: Blah blah
« Last post by rvf on June 25, 2017, 09:24:31 pm »
It's not that I feel enlightened.. I don't know what I feel, that's the point. You could say that I feel, whatever I feel, when I feel it.. Nothing I say will ever be accurate. I don't feel like a ''me'' or a ''person'', these are just ideas. There is really nothing for me to say.. I am just here, even saying ''just here'' doesn't feel right.. But what can I do, language is language. Is T/R even a real thing? What the hell is Maya? What if this whole thing is a joke? Everything certainly feels like it.. I can see that I am a joke, the Idea of chasing some kind of ''enlightenment'' feels silly to me now.. What is it that I could hope to achieve? Do I want to become a Buddha? Do I want to be worshipped? Do I want to become some kind of a god? What then? Will that complete me? It's no different to purchasing a new toy... eventually I would get bored.. And yeah, let Maya play her tricks, it's what she does best. Isn't that what life is, a bunch of games and tricks? Yeah, maybe I am deluded, perhaps I am crazy.. It doesn't really matter, as far as I can see. What if T/R and H/A are just more games and tricks? Isn't that also what I am? what you are? what we all are? Just a game, a trick, a joke... Going nowhere, in the middle of nowhere, hoping to find something..
General Discussion / Re: Hm
« Last post by Jed McKenna on June 25, 2017, 09:14:36 pm »
Thanks for sharing. Sounds like quite a pickle... but it's all meaningless blah blah, the real you cannot be hurt or defamed in anyway. Find that real you and all will end... and I mean ALL.

Love ya, Jed.
General Discussion / Re: Why do I really have that urge to post here?
« Last post by Jed McKenna on June 25, 2017, 09:10:40 pm »
Only if you think it matters, but what you think doesn't matter either. Go figure...

Love ya, Jed.
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