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General Discussion / Re: TRUTH
« Last post by Hugh on July 09, 2018, 01:53:26 pm »
I must admit to myself that it is embarrassing that I am still mired here at this level of stagnation and dream world crap. But that again is my problem!  Being embarrassed is directly from caring what another thinks.  Thinks of who?  Me. The very thing Iím trying now to destroy. Who is it indeed that is embarrassed?  This made up character that I continue to pour energy into; to prop up in the eyes of others, or in this case you. Diving in again. Iím embarrassed!  What a laugh. Stop skirting the truth!  This is no trifle. Iím embarrassed because I care what you think about ďmeĒ. This is exactly the monster that I am currently, desperately trying to eradicate.

No more hiding. Honesty matters.
General Discussion / Re: TRUTH
« Last post by Hugh on July 09, 2018, 10:56:21 am »
Something just **** open i think. I was concerned that others were using my beliefs about being a good dad to manipulate me. But I had a big epiphany I think. It is actually me doing all the manipulating - and not just with respect to the Dad thing. With EVERYTHING!  I spend a ton of energy to subtly and directly influence what the whole world thinks of me. I arrived there by assuming the whole world believe I was a bad dad - like whatís the worst that could happen and thatís when it dawned on me that I am the one spending all this energy trying to influence (manipulate) everyone elseís thoughts about me!  God. How bloody obvious!  We all do it of course. Sorry. It seems really really obvious now.

Still, I have to destroy it. It actually makes me sick to know I do that. F&$@!  Destroy!!!
General Discussion / A Couple Questions
« Last post by Lenny on July 09, 2018, 10:41:41 am »
Hello Jed, care to answer a couple questions? 

1. What happens to the personal point of view after the body drops dead?
2. What was there before the birth of the body?

Thanks.  ;D
General Discussion / Re: TRUTH
« Last post by Hugh on July 09, 2018, 10:40:18 am »
There are so many more!  So many things attached to the good father thing and so many other things I still care about!  Canít I just drop all of it and walk away?  You mentioned somewhere that going straight to the heart could napalm the whole thing. How??  It is too much. There are just too many attachments. I canít see how to destroy it all.

You said focus and intent. Iím weak. I lack courage and commitment. I get discouraged easily and walk away for lengths of time and immerse myself in things to forget. Iím back and I want to destroy this one thing. If possible.
General Discussion / Re: TRUTH
« Last post by Hugh on July 09, 2018, 10:30:26 am »
Jed. I need some help. I have not yet killed all the dark creatures within. There are still many, as evidenced by these feelings of regret that surface. One target is the idea, for example, that I need to be a good father (and all the made up definitions thereto). I understand this idea came from without. I understand that it has no reality - laughably meaningless. Yet, the idea can still be used to manipulate me. I know it is there. I have isolated it. I canít figure out how to destroy it. I have done good work with a lot of these usurpers I think. This is one of the biggest and darkest. Maybe thatís why I canít see what to do next. I am afraid to uproot it I think. Iíll keep writing but any guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you.
General Discussion / Re: Belive in something
« Last post by Jed McKenna on July 09, 2018, 09:38:33 am »
How do you know ''I am''. What informs you that you are. You see, there are two ''I am''s. You have to read Nis's work much deeper than you currently are. But hey, it's a good start.

It's very simple, and for that reason, not very easy. Humans complicate things.

Love ya, Jed.
General Discussion / Re: Jed Rant: Thoughts on thoughts.
« Last post by Jed McKenna on July 09, 2018, 09:34:40 am »
Sorry, you chose the wrong animal, try again.

Love ya, Jed.
General Discussion / Re: Jed Rant: Thoughts on thoughts.
« Last post by Cellar Door on July 09, 2018, 12:06:26 am »
But thoughts can be controlled, right?  Maybe not by me if there is no "me", but by something.  Case in point; "I" think to myself, in 3 seconds I'm going to think of an elephant and proceed to count to 3 in my head.  Then on 3 I think of an elephant.  So in this situation I did know what I was going to think of next, and not just the elephant, but on each subsequent number counted.  so maybe the original idea to do this didn't come from a "me" controller but it at least seems like everything after it did.
General Discussion / Re: Belive in something
« Last post by abranpaso on July 08, 2018, 10:49:41 pm »
No, Mr McKenna, I cannot quit, I was born to find the truth or die trying

I been reading Nisargadatta, and many things he say makes a lot of sense and explains a lot.

He said: "Conciousness canīt  be there without the body".
Also said: "In deep sleep I-am-ness is forgotten, and because it is forgotten, you are completely relaxed and at peace with yourself"
also: "This quality of beingness, the knowledge I am, cannot tolerate itself. It cannot stand itself, alone, just knowing itself. Therefore that Rajoguna is there... it takes the beingness for a ride in various activities so that it not dwell only in itself"

The  Most intriguing to me is the last sentence,
How the only thing that we know for sure "I am",
the only "real thing that exist"  cannot tolerate itself?
 :o :o :o :o
General Discussion / Re: Gravitational Pull
« Last post by Cellar Door on July 08, 2018, 11:40:20 am »
You know I've seen you talk about that on occasion but I don't think I know what you mean.  How can one understand a question?
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