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A little info on the Series
« on: June 13, 2017, 11:32:46 pm »
Over two decades ago I designed an imaginary funnel-like virtual filter. The top, or opening, was the books. They were directed at the general public and, while many readers felt they were uncompromising, that was not totally true. However, they have been well received and have drawn over a thousand folks to this forum... the second stage of my imaginary filter.
Those who have joined the forum exhibit a significant level of courage and commitment. By means of the forum, numbers were further reduced to those who might become ''students'' in the Navigator Series.
The Navigator Series could be described as an online ashram. It includes written modules, the ''Knock Knock" recorded contemplations and Skype consultations/guidance.

In order be as effective as possible in pointing and offering guidance to H/A and through to T/R, I only work with serious students. Otherwise, my energy will be quickly diluted, not the outcome I sought/seek.

Participation in the Series is via a screening process… and, it is not cheap. Almost every student experiences the high cost: loss of deceptive and energy depleting stories, loss of meaningless and circuitous emotions, forgoing of the ability to make others guilty for one's ''situation'', diminution of the intrusion of unwanted importance on one's peace of mind, etc. 

If the thought of the Series sounds like something that ''might'' interest you then please don't initiate the application process. If it sounds like something you can't do without, then it may well be appropriate. If the thought of doing it scares you a little (or a lot), then it definitely is for you and you will probably be accepted.

Yes, the preceding does sound a little arrogant and presumptuous, but I am very clear on who I want to work with and I have a very good sense of those folks who I can assist and make a real difference with.

For additional information on the Series and when the next group starts write me at:

I wish you the best always.

Love ya, Jed.


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