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The Online Ashram
« on: May 29, 2018, 10:53:13 am »
Dear Reader:

In my work with Nav Series students I have come across what might be called a ''phenomenon''. Most students have no trouble in working through the modules and recorded contemplations, but some find they lack discipline. For those students, I have compiled The Online Ashram.

It covers two months with brief daily contemplations for each day. At the end of each week you email me a brief compilations of your weekly experiences. I comment as called for.

One other point is it is much less expensive than the Navigator Series. Should you desire to take the Nav Series after The Online Ashram, The Online Ashram is credited to you. You can always join the Nav Series later if that is appropriate for you (and I).

For more information, please contact me at

I wish you the best on your journey always and don't hesitate to ask me for any assistance I might offer on your journey to (H/A) and seeking of your True Nature (T/R).

Love ya, Jed.

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