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The Navigator Series
« on: June 13, 2017, 11:32:46 pm »
Dear Reader:

Almost two decades ago I designed an imaginary funnel-like virtual filter. It started with the books. They were directed at the general public and, while many readers felt they were uncompromising, that was not totally true. However, they have been well received and have drawn over a thousand folks to this forum... the second stage of my imaginary filter.
Those who have joined the forum exhibit a significant level of courage and commitment. By means of the forum, numbers were further reduced to those who might become ''students'' in the Navigator Series and The Online Ashram.
The Navigator Series is one facet of The Online Forum. It includes written modules, the ''Knock Knock" recorded contemplations and Skype consultations, guidance and pointing.

In order be as effective as possible in pointing and offering guidance to Human Adulthood and through to T/R, I only work with serious students. Otherwise, my energy will be quickly diluted, not the outcome I sought/seek.

Participation in the Series is via a screening process… and, it is not cheap. Almost every student experiences the high cost: loss of deceptive and energy depleting stories, loss of meaningless and circuitous emotions, forgoing of the ability to make others guilty for one's own ''situation'', diminution of the intrusion of unwanted importances on one's peace of mind, etc. Of course there are many things to be gained as well, the experience of genuine freedom, improved relationships should you indulge in them, more rewarding experiences at work... you might enjoy the email extracts included at the end of this post.

If the thought of the this sounds like something that ''might'' interest you then please don't initiate the application process. If it sounds like something you can't do without, then it may well be for you. If the thought of doing it scares you a little (or a lot), then it is probably for you.

Yes, the preceding does sound a little arrogant and presumptuous (who me???), but I am very clear on who I want to work with and I have a very good sense of those folks whom I can assist and make a real difference with.

For additional information on the Navigator Series and The Online Ashram please write me at:

I wish you the best always.

Love ya, Jed.

P.S. Here are those email extracts I mentioned:

There are no more questions. All is said, and all is done. This wonderful ordinariness of being is far more simple than complex questions and they only distract. I feel touched and moved but it cannot be expressed in words. All is well.
I feel to express my deepest gratitude and love for your patience and wisdom. This has truly been a transforming journey, finally I met a True guy :).
If the ”divine accident” is going to happen fully remains to be seen, but now I feel that this journey is going to be continued alone. There is nothing you can give me anymore because the receiver is false. Tears of joy are falling as i write this. We haven`t met in person, but I think I already know you so it is not needed. Maybe I`ll write you sometime and who knows maybe we even meet some day but that is of no importance of course.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…
Thanks for Module Two.
Very interesting read. It is amazing, I feel blur blur...I am lost of words.
Re the questions I asked earlier, no need for answer... I jumped ahead of the what is (Maya/ego intervention), or if I did not understand, SO WHAT?
There is quite a lot to contemplate in this module.  I understand that I can do some simultaneously and some I have to do one after the other.
Hope I will feel more clear the next time I write.

A year ago when I read in the module about losing all fear of the mind
and memories and thoughts that spontaneously cause grief
and about the certainty that there's nothing I can't handle
this seemed impossible. Well it's happening now.
This is an example how I know the Nav Series work.

You rock Jed. That's sexy.
 … In my spare time I am taking your advice and going back….slowly, slowly, slowly …through the nav materials. And yes, there is a shitload in there to contemplate……missed steps, i’m finding missed steps…..or to be more accurate, i’m spiraling back on steps and finding deeper application. Like that ‘Hate your Family or all labels’ bit in Module three. That’s actually HUGE. So the SS is out setting up roadblocks to catch those little vermin. Ugh…disgusting creatures. How have we allowed them to live among us for so long?

Sadly they do run the entertainment industry in here. My sense of humor seems a little off lately…..borderline inappropriate. NO! that’s always been true.
Thanks for this.  I hear a powerful message here...
I don't know what to write here except that I see myself applying some of the releases and learning to let go of control, and awareness within my daily life. To say it simply, I am less busy-body.  I am sure it will be life changing.
It's a big relief to know that I can just Be.
What a trip!!  You are like a Zen Master with his stick, only your 'stick' is in the form of words.  I never really figure out why a Zen Master needed to hit his disciples.  Now I do, and I need it too, whenever I go astray, away from the Now.
There seems to be a trend here.  Each time I get a plus from you, she goes on a Maya/ego trip!
She was looking at her thoughts and reacted, instead of watching that which is watching, the stillness within (S/P).  This is quite a challenge. I have a disease called 'forgetfulness'.
I’m hoping you remember me and I can continue on with the Nav Series, since I’ve been AWOL the last few months. The first two modules were actually amazing, when doing the importances thing people would transform into life-like mannequins right away, then the emotion and belief tornado, how could I have not seen that, that’s about the time a scatter bomb went off in my head and I tried to do all the things that have worked in the past, at once, S/A, death awareness, manifesting are a few fav’s, then ... just good ol’ confusion.
I finished the additional recorded contemplations. The book is still left. I`ll get to it soon.
This has truly been a ride one might say. Thank you, is a mild and insufficient expression, but that is all I have when it comes to words.

I`m so **** grateful that I feel like crying. You have been the biggest **** I have ever met. A lovable, clever, genius, the most helpful ****, so this is a complement.

Thanks for this last module.
Wow, you saved the best for last.  I am lost for words...
Talk later,
I have this strange feeling...  Now I know why I feel so 'uneasy' after reading this module and all the previous modules.  By now you have destroyed my whole structures or concepts of what I thought of as my life...belief systems, etc, etc... I don't know how to say this.. but I feel being destroyed... haha Jed, you are a destroyer!  And you have done it so subtly.
Not only my life is all about responding to the stories in my head, my whole physical body (hand/arm/leg/head/torso) is also responding to my stories.  It all happens automatically, although at times it may be survival instinct.
The S/P and the "I am" are one in the same...cheeky move Jed , I like it of course they are. I had suspicious the S/P was the jumping off point to something more...or less :-). When I contemplate 'I am" I definitely notice it, warm blanket is a good analogy, its a very small/minor noticeable change with major consequences, that about the best way I describe it. The longer I dwell there the sensation get greater, I was trying out recently for extended times it almost gets too much, causes lots of tears, and a sense of being to much or overflowing? Question Jed, should I begin to dwell/stay in "I am" for longer and longer periods? Is "I am" like the importance's? Can I build up to ve a reflex like a muscle? The more I do it the easier it is to access, or so it feels. Should I be in the "I am" space when directing questions at myself or when doing spiritual autolysis?
Been quite enjoying the magic. Can I say pretty awesome to just keep staying with the taste of awareness most of the time. Stories catch me a few times a day but I see it  often after a few minutes or less that it is just drivel and chuckle to myself.
Seems not worth (not possible) to speak to the normies/zombies about this. A big waste of energy. Not necessay. Serves no purpose. Outward spewing of drivel (made up ****).
The freedom of seeing all these stories (not driving but in all aspects of life) beautifully reliving and feels like a clear step away from the wall of plato's cave. I was reading a conversation with Ramana, where he suggested a technique when confronted with any kind of thought, curiously asking "where is are these occurring in = Me , as away to draw you back into "I am" , I have been using this a lot over the last week and found it to be really helpful, I also add the "releasing importance" sensation to clear the thought completely. Also found it as a away to maintain the "I am" sensation, with a little bit of "I am" mantra, focused breathing is also similar. The "I am" or SP come really easily now and on call, but maintaining it...I have a suspicion that once that happens, your our of the cave and in full time T/R. I say "full time" as part time truth appears to be occurring now. But that's all suspicion assumption and a waste in the end, so keep doing what apparently works and don't believe anything appears to be a great mantra.
I could list a bunch of the benefits experienced, but I just say "the ultimate medicine" is perfect way to describe it. No "self" or "you" and only capacity within consciousness = the ability to reside in no dual awareness. Looking forward to the next module.
I was doing C/I R/I, then the “advanced” version of that- can’t remember how you call it.  I was feeling the sensations that woudl come w/ that. and how i’d find importance in that too, which got me more curious about importances.
and then i had the notion to see all thoughts and ideas as versions of importances, and with that came the notion to drop them as they showed up. (So some idea of what shows up as important and then immediately dropping the importance of them (so dropping thoughts/ideas/etc).  )
and then back to the sensations  - and how importances would be put there too. and if i “stayed” with the “relief” of dropping sensations that was me making that relief important. which would keep me locked into an “old” time and space. so to immdiately drop the relief too, bc there is always something else “next” or there.

so for awhile i dropped all thoughts, sensations , etc  as soon as they came  and i had soooo muuchhhh energy running through my system. it was pretty fun. very spacious and wide and deep and just fun and free feeling.
I know the above sounds crazy, but I didn't exactly have a break down even though I was freaked out. There was no explosion. Life goes on. It doesn't seem like the first step, at least not what I imagined it to be. But even though I don't know exactly what to do I don't think I can fail at this. I'm already TR. TR is what exists, how can failure even be possible? It's always here, that which never changes, which is still, looking through these eyes. Always here, at my fingertips! Let me say that again, with exclamation points. It's always here!!!
So Who is letting it come and go? who is resisting? I and Maya are one...and it's all this awakeness, so how about that for being not clear!  Many many many ways in every moment to unenlighten self.
 words are failing me here- the contradiction..
For example, even in that moment, my four year old daughter  wakes up  and I immediately resist being interrupted. But if I breathe, and open to that awakeness- it's resistance, doesn't matter if interrupted, no preference to do this or not that.
The polarities exercise- awakeness, this spaciousness has no polarities/ no preference. It just is, it's still here too, and always moving, always changing, resisting, and has many preferences. However, It is becoming less real and more flimsy. Almost see through, wispy.
This feels extremely wordy to say something that is really so thank you my friend.
Jezus ffing christ Jed... in the end i was convinced that the search was just a mechanism to keep me away from my own lersonal problems.. when i passed that station the fun started to happen. I thought you where completely full of **** in the end... but man... i can see now.. i can swim now, without floaters. I can let the orchestra play.. life is working with me and im working with life here. Thanks for showing this. You are awesome... and not only you are.. i am awesome.. life is aweswome. Wo would have thought... wanted to thank you personal even though in some way that is compelete bs. Im seeing it...... i amm overwelmed by a big fat wtf feeling... great things happening. A whole new world is opening up..... thanks and wow!!

Have gone through countless faces, ideas: I am shame, I am pain, I am love, I`m the one who resist... They lift up, I become them and they are gone. Some maybe in seconds, some in minutes, some take longer. A huge relief, breathing deeply, flashes of freedom, grace and maybe something called love, and then the next ones arises. This wouldn`t be possible to do while being asleep. Maybe. Didn`t expect this. Thought done meant done. Not the final act after. Dying one by one. Giving up.

I know Jed why this is so rare. There is no way there would be diligent volunteers all over to do this. At this point I wouldn`t even want anyone to do this. Feel deep compassion to everyone going through this. Admiration. Respect.

Vanishing.... till there's nothing to be vanished. Seeing through the 'further', Where could I possibly go?

What's left Is, Everything That Ever Was. An empty vessel, an infinite capacity.
Words do not convey or conceive, and there is no need for it.

As if there no longer is a need to KNOW. It already is....The search is over. It's impossible to go on searching from here.

Love you and thank you

I just really listened to Knock Knock 6 and heard it deeply for the first time. Your invitation to let go of needing anything and just be in the now shifted something in me. There is an exquisite sense of freedom and peace in this moment for me from embracing that invitation. In this moment, at least, I need nothing and am everything.
With gratitude,


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