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Living in illusion.. and not... students post...
« on: February 18, 2020, 11:33:05 pm »
Hi Jed:

A fascinating module!

After discreating 'unworthy', I have more confidence and trust in myself. I am taking responsibility more for what appears. I have changed my illusion in the midst of it to see different effects. I feel less a victim.

I am feeling more my illusions really are my creations and it sometimes feels like I am walking through them. Using 'outcome speak' makes them quite brilliant and returns focus to my being responsible for them.

I've had a creating challenge lately, as my XXXXX is in the final stages of XXXXXX and I have been care giving. It being a highly charged situation, I forget that it's my illusion, but doing the inquiry and outcome speak loosens attachment and allows me to see more clearly. It is a great opportunity to go further.

And, interestingly, I can hear in the night dream while being hearing impaired in the day dream. So hmmm, conviction appears to be at work with this illusion.

I trust am ready for Module 12.

Love ya,

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