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Re: Brief note from Jed
« on: June 13, 2017, 03:57:24 pm »
In most forums it is preferred that people look for existing threads to comment in, and only start new threads for things that don't already exist on the forum. The exception is when the threads that are already present have not been active in several months. Just as an example, it would not make sense for all of us to start our own thread about something as basic and common as self inquiry. Yes, it does make sense that we should all be encouraged to participate in the rant threads.

Every forum is different, though, which was why I started reading through the Notices section first. It might have been helpful to explain there that we are not supposed to intrude on each others threads for the most part.

In the first book I remember reading that everyone in the house in Fairfield knew the SA method, but that new people never started doing it just from having it described by other guests. I'd probably be the same way, in that I would want to receive the instructions directly from the founder of the method. While waiting, however, I'd like to think I would start writing to avoid wasting time. It is the same way here. I bet there are lots of people who know the books better than I do, and hearing from them would be useful.