Author Topic: Jed Rant: Free Will, Part 1  (Read 2283 times)


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Re: Jed Rant: Free Will, Part 1
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About six months ago i was convinced of the idea i quit cocain and gambling. Last saturday i woke up with nose full of **** and an empty bankaccount. I was suprised, because i didnt expect to make that mistake ever again. I chose not to do it. But when the right buttons are touched, im gone. Now my so called free will is taking my ass to a clinic to dive into the field of addiction to find out how this fucker keeps getting me down. Sometimes there is no grip. And then there s a verry violent way of learning. But still... there's learning.

There certainly is nothin static in me(yet). But the consequences of this dynamic form i am are really there and are my responsibility. Its just not fair 😁