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Re: Jed Rant: Free Will, Part 1
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I cannot agree. And actualy i dont get the feeling that you know what you are talking about at all. Ask a skitzofrenic to just quit acting like that. Ask someone who had a stroke to start using the right side of his face again... but ill be back here to tell you i was wrong and you were right if that is going to be the outcome of this story. Thats what its all about in the end, isnt it?

What made you decide to come back here j?

The "thing" that brought me back here was me. My decision. As is it when I leave. As it pertains to you it doesn't matter what I think. What matters is what you "know." For what it's worth I can tell you how your story will go based on what you've expressed here. But hey no problem. I seem to be getting clearer all the time that I need to hone in on myself and clear distractions. Thanks for the chat.