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Re: Jed Rant: How to Walk... duh....
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Just curious to know about this.

I just found an info about there is fast and slow thinking. One is system 1 (which is automatic response, conditioned/habitual)  and system 2 (which is more hard work , need to use energy and think , for eg learning a new skill etc).  Also our brains are naturally lazy to use System 2 thinking because it requires more glucose/energy usage etc.

In my experience to shut up , sit and think requires patience but it brings more clarity and understanding and also while doing coding /learnign etc i find naturally reluctant to think , but when i show the patience to sit and analyse the task, its more clear and effective in understanding and doing. There is also some sort of fear of thinking.

Is system 2 thinking that we need to repeatedly engage in for effective inquiry/ autolysis .

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