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Re: Jed Rant: What happens when you die...
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Stuart Hameroff & Roger Penrose new theories about life and dead. "Orch-OR model of "quantum consciousness vibration. Human(? only) Out of Body during a near death exp. revived the quantum consciousness can go back into the microtubules inside the brain. The quantums are shielded and protected inside the microtubules from the biological noise off the Brain processes. The big hunch they postulated: after death the quantum consciousness vibration is stored forever.

Is this quantum consciousness vibration personalized? When a new incarnation is ready to start how does the  quantum consciousness field interract? Does it copy, multiply and what about individual "Karma Part" it has to continue somehow.

Being out of body was one of my experiences with LSD, later during water Shiatsu Sessions found me looking downwards to me from the roof @ swimming pool hall. Conclusion Body and consciousness are only temporaly bounded can be separeted during life. In old Tantric Buddhist storys you can read/ hear about transportations of the soul or consciousness to another body by accidents and special conditions. Even in an animal for temporal storing. 
One LSD trip i was laying down in an fetus postion and sucking my thumb like a baby. As I opened my eyes I could see 2 bodies at the same time together in one form. My baby body was inside actual adult body. Like Emmentaler chesse, my body had transparent holes /openings symmetric all over. The Baby Bodie was  just a bit smaller but not the real baby size. Was really ripping off space time illusion!
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Re: Jed Rant: What happens when you die...
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