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« on: August 15, 2016, 09:56:33 am »
This "place" of seeing -  direct seeing and direct experience, seeing that everything is "empty" and that nothing is really real. Been "here" for quite some "time" and even writing this reads a bit off because theres no such thing as time either and there is only this moment and this and this and this .....
It is like free falling without end.
Ok, its like everything has been obliterated and destroyed and yet, nope, no thats not true either because what is seen is that nothing ever was in the first place.
So here "I" am, the body writes these funny squiggles these empty pointing yet pointless words on this screen/no screen.
Nothing to do. Nothing ever was or will be. This is clearly obvious. It appears like an apocalyptic landscape. No people, no anything.....
It seems like destruction and yet nothing has been "destroyed" because nothing ever was in the first place.
What to do ......